The Art of Visualization

The Art of Visualization By Dr. Robert Leichtman Visualization is part of the creative abilities everyone possesses. Its general usefulness is to explore new possibilities and experiment with our options for interacting with them. It is also useful for rehearsing new or better behaviors, as for example, an improved an athletic ability or preparing for […]

Garden & Growth

The innate life of our Higher Self compels growth that fulfills the inner seed of our design for wholeness. Many obstacles exist in us that hinder this growth, just as poor soil conditions can retard the growth of physical seeds. Obstacles to this evolutionary growth in us can be factors such as being trapped in dogma, materialism, chronic frustration, stubbornness, and shallow emotional interests.

Basic Life Skills

Our innate intelligence will guide our growth toward our destined wholeness. The plant kingdom reveals many examples of the basic principles of growth. Plants remind us to always grow toward the light, not our fears or resentment. They demonstrate the need be true to our original design as in tomatoes become only tomatoes and nothing else. And all plants deal with the “dirt” in their life by transforming them into new leaves and stalks, not frustration.