The Master Course

Master Course meditations are progressive in nature: they prepare and train our mind to understand and be comfortable with self inquiry, the meditative process, and the information we receive during meditation.

30- 45 minute exercises


In this module, we learn the process of Detachment to become comfortable with accessing the Wisdom, knowledge and Love of our Higher Self. We practice sending specific qualities energy from our Higher Self to each of our Instruments of Awareness.

Module 1


In this module we experience the Ocean of Light and Life. This is where our Higher Self resides. It is our Source. In cooperation with our Higher Self we learn to access the Wisdom, Power and Love of our Source and direct it into our Personality.

Module 2


We journey to The Garden of Tranquility. This garden is our special sanctuary from the outer world, where we can go for Peace, Safety and Tranquility. Being in our Garden also fixes our attention at our highest level of awareness, for moments when we become distracted.

Module 3