The Essential Course

Learn the basics of Active Meditation in bite-sized exercises: Detachment, Identification with the Higher Self, communion with our Source.

15 - 20 Minute Exercises


In this module we learn how to prepare for meditation through the process of Detachment. We detach from our Physical Body, Emotions, Desires and Urges, and our Intellect. These are our Instruments of Awareness that make up our Personality.

Module 1

Higher Self

In this module we begin to develop a working relationship with our Higher Self. We then practice sending Wisdom, Power and Love to our Instruments of Awareness. Revitalizing and Reconditioning each part of our Personality.

Module 2

Ocean of Life and Light

In this module we experience the Ocean of Light and Life. This is where our Higher Self resides. It is The Source. Through our Higher Self we learn to access the Wisdom, Power and Love of our Source and direct it into each of our Instruments of Awareness which together make up our Ego, our Personality.

Module 3

Garden of Tranquility

The Garden is our special inner sanctuary where we go to take refuge from our outer levels of thought and feeling and stabilize our consciousness at a higher level.

Module 4