The Art of Detachment

The Art of Detachment Introduction By Dr. Robert Leichtman For many of us, the only real world is the one in which we have our ordinary experiences, interact with our friends and family, and make our livelihood. It is a world populated by our established beliefs, habits, and memories, and it is dominated by what […]

What is so special about Active Meditation?

What is so special aboutActive Meditation? By Dr. Robert Leichtman Active Meditation brings new perspectives and techniques to meditation. It engages a new paradigm for directing consciousness in the meditative process.  Instead of a passive approach, active, skillful interaction between the personality and Higher Self is encouraged.  Instead of suppressing the mind, the intelligent use […]

The Science of Meditation

The Science of Meditation By Dr. Robert Leichtman Meditation is a process that has many historical roots and applications.  Many employ it just to relax and briefly escape from a stressful reality, hoping that this tranquility will permeate their life. However, meditation is more than this.  Meditation is a concept and practice that includes many […]